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How do you know if your dog needs Musculo-skeletal therapy?


Many Dogs benefit from manua therapy - from the much loved family pet who is suffering with arthritis as he ages to the top level agility dog.

  • Natural back pain relief for your dog or cat

  • Diagnosed conditions such as degenerative arthritis or spondylitis

  • Abnormal posture

  • Problems or difficulty climbing stairs, jumping into the car, agility  

  • Sensitivity to touch

  • Injuries resulting from falls, training or other activities

  • Short striding, uneven strides, nail dragging or stumbling

  • Licking at limbs due to nerve pins and needles

  • Muscle imbalance, spasms or atrophy


Puppies predisposed to conditions such as hip dysplasia may benefit from chiropractic care in early life, before their condition becomes problematic. Please note that puppies must not be overexercised - follow the 'ten minutes per month of life' rule with walks. For example, a three month old puppy could be walked for fifteen minutes twice per day. Exceeding this limit may place your pet at risk. We help many canines in Aberdeen for rehabilitation, massage, chiropractic to feel better quicker.




Although the examples given are focussed on dogs most of these may also apply to cats. Although generally more flexible and independent, and so less likely to suffer problems as a result of training or mishaps out walking, cats - particularly elderly cats, can greatly benefit from chiropractic care.


Aberdeen Animal Chiropractic can assess your pet's muscular strength and stability and offer advice on specific exercises for specific disciplines.


Most insurance companies will cover chiropractic care - see your policy for more details or call your provider.

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