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Veterinary Chiropractic Joint Manipulation

Remedial muscle Massage & Fascial Tension release

Soft tissue relaxation massage

Infrared and LED Laser therapy

Shockwave Therapy

Thermal surface limb imaging camera

Rider perfomace and rehabiliation

Geriatric Canine clinics



Rider/Owner Clinic Booking

Unexplained biomechanical lameness

Back tension or discomfort

Limb/joint pain

Cold backed/diffculty mounting/behavioural changes

Performance issues/lack of energy

Arthritis, spavin

Hip dysplasia

Chronic Pain

Sprains and Strains in ligaments and muscles

Swelling aound joints

Post surgical tissue repair


Our range of therapies promote healing and improve range of motion in dogs/horses injured during everyday use, or can be used as a natural enhancement for performance before sporting events/competitions.

When should I call?

When your pet just "isnt quite themselves", but doesnt show any signs of obvious lameness. Or when the vet has "done all they can". If the animal is older and you want them to feel as good as they can in their twilight years. Or if your animal just seems a little down or grumpy when handled, ridden or groomed - call us and we will reduce the biomechanical stresses/strains to allow them to move properly again and improve their health!

It is very important that anyone working wth your animal has your vets permission before your Initial Consultation. Usually a quick phone call will suffice.


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Do you feel completely stable in the saddle?

Are you losing marks on tests due to positional faults?


Do you have aches and pains and would like to find out why?


Come to one of our rider clinics and get yourself fit and balanced now


  • Full functional assesment including specific joint range of motion

  • Complete Muscle strength testing

  • Nutritonal advice

  • Gait analysis and seat analysis

NEW: Rider Balance and performance clinics  

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