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What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic philosophy is based on the relationship of the spinal cord to the nervous system of the entire body. It primarily involves manipulation of the spinal cord but can also involve manipulation of the leg joints and skull, strengthening or stretching muscles, and post-manipulation exercise. Most animals show no signs of pain or discomfort during therapy, as the treatment works within the joint/ligament/muscles normal range. This makes Chiropractic care a very safe and natural form of treatment.

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What do we do?


Chiropractors evaluate the function and structure of the spine, extremities, and skull. Based on their examination and the animal’s clinical history, they then "adjust" any restrictions (vertebrae and joints that are out of alignment or abnormally restricted "stuck in one position and not fully moving in it's normal range).


Emma prefers to use the phrase "stuck" or "fixed" as it is more anatomically accurate, but many Chiropractors use the word "subluxation" to mean the same thing.  


Fixations are manipulated back into a normal range of motion by using a short “thrust” that is applied very specifically in the correct direction. The bone is not out of place!!! Anyone who uses this type of terminology is an amateur at best.


Because of the expertise required for this technique, Chiropractic treatment can ONLY be performed by a qualified Doctor of Chiropractic (5 years medical training, or a Qualified Vet who has studied Animal Chiropractic and is registered with the IAVC). Please be aware that all Chiropractors are not the same. Make sure that your practioner is fully trained and Gold standard by visiting


I can also use Veterinary Chiropractic in conjunction with traditional therapies such as myofascial stretching and massage to give your 4-legged friend the best possible outcome.




We offer a range of Drug Free Alternatives for pets. We now also offer Cold photomodultion laser therapy that can be used to speed up healing times for tendon or ligament sprains, help decrease low back pain, reduce swelling after a strain/abscess/wound, and so much more...



Low Level Laser and LED therapy can treat:


•Degenerative disc disease

•Corneal diseases

•Head trauma

•Muscle, tendon & ligament injuries

•Pain management for trauma & post surgical wounds

•Inflammation & swelling

•Wound healing including degloving injuries & more